Parallax Animated Illustrations

Animated Illustrations

Animated illustrations that use @patrykzabielski's script, and Jun Luo's digital paintings. An elegant piece of code that use a data value to animate layered images parallaxically (?). With a few tweaks to the styles, I've added greater control to the ratio of the image, that way we're not limited by a fixed height.

Backup Server to Dropbox

Bash scripts to backup your server's sensitive data to Dropbox, using AndreaFabrizi's Dropbox Uploader script.

SlideGrubber [updated]


A python script to help you back up your SlideShare presentations to PDF.



Emzy is a PX to EM calculator that allows you to keep track of multiple elements and output the final results as css.



Stepping out of the comfort zone and trying out some new grid systems.

Be a Badass

Be a Badass
Test code

Pet project. An experiment with animated css text-shadow through javascript.



​Base12 is a framework that provides you with a basic SCSS folder structure for your projects. Its measurements are built around the number 12 for increased flexibility & math goodies.

CSS Baseline Grid Overlay

JSBin Demo

​This is a baseline grid overlay created using some CSS gradients. it simulates a baseline grid based on ems which will allow you to size it according to your site's base font size.