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I Want to Believe

I decided to work on another poster this time inspired by The X Files, which I've been watching over the last few weeks. This is a recreation of Mulder's iconic poster which can be seen in his office.

I Want to Believe

Once again I worked with a noise based texture (I know... give it a rest!). In this case I was going after a particular style used by Dan Matutina from TwistedFork. No, I didn't come even close to it; I'm gonna blame it on how focused I was on The X Files...

On the bright side, I'm beginning to understand his process and realizing how much work he puts into his artworks. They're awesome. A lot of his work can be seen in MediaTemple, which is how I learned about him.

In the process of researching this poster I learned that there are two versions. The original, which is the one I recreated, had to be switched with a new custom one due to copyright issues. If I understand correctly, these issues arose when they tried to release the poster for sale. Anyway, I figured the original poster was more adequate.

Done in Photoshop. Original size is 18 x 24 in.