Design Posts


A mural made of simple lines and circles as a representation of the sales and marketing process as it propagates and spreads out looking for connections. Any similarities with the concept of human interactions is not just a coincidence... any similarities with fish ARE a coincidence.

El Niño. Photo Gallery at UN Diario

In September 2015, the people of Pacasmayo were bracing themselves for a the next possible El Niño phenomenon. At UN Diario, images of the last "big hit" were available in the archives and we thought it would be valuable to refresh people's minds of the devastating effects it can have when not prepared.


Stepping out of the comfort zone and trying out different grid systems.

I Want to Believe

I decided to work on another poster this time inspired by The X Files, which I've been watching over the last few weeks. This is a recreation of Mulder's iconic poster which can be seen in his office.


A small URL shortener developed as a small project within CrunchyWeb. This project was a collaboration with Ryan Merl and Wil Hall who developed the backend while I worked on the UI and UX.

Protest Against Befesa

During 2011, an international company, Befesa, attempted to build a chemical waste treatment plant near the town where Carlos was born, in Peru. The "Sampedranos" know that due to the lack of information, technology and care, this plant can only mean bad news to the population.

I am Jack’s...

If you have seen the movie Fight Club, you may remember some of the phrases that were said as the story progressed. This one in particular had a very nice ring to it... "I am Jack's Smirking Revenge". It was very dark, yet elegant. All of them had a very interesting message behind them that hid the true feelings of the character, I'd like to work on others when I get a chance.


When the soundtrack for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross came out. Trent announced it on his twitter by saying "propagate, motherfucker!" These two words went deep inside my head and I had to make something out of them... For this poster, the design of the lines is actually based on a similar style used by Rob Sheridan. Nine Inch Nails' main Graphic Designer. I was so fascinated by that idea of the lines crossing each others' paths that I had to try it myself and seemed to feet the idea of propagation really well.


In 2011 Carlos co-founded CrunchyWeb, a small web design company focused on creating websites for new and small companies as well as offering consulting services.


Interactive portfolio website for Web Production I class.

Rock 'til Death

T-shirt design for Vector I class. This version has been optimized for screens; the original design had no background and was in black and white.