Scraps Posts

Fold & Unfold

When a friend requested a way to present a piece of print media online without losing the novelty created by its multiple folds, we weren't sure if CSS Transforms and Animations would suffice...

Round and Round

CSS animation of a classic optical illusion of rotating items.

Ratio Comparator

When it was time to do an audit of the different image sizes in a Drupal site, I found that there were quite a few image ratios... Just how different were they? I had to find out of course.

Hierarchy Aware Heading Styles

Experiment. What do you do when your beautifully designed large headings seem a little overwhelming against those inevitable small stories? Well, first of, try a little redesign maybe? But then... if the problem persists, perhaps we could get a little... funky with :has().


Stepping out of the comfort zone and trying out different grid systems.