Backup Server to Dropbox

Bash scripts to backup your server's sensitive data to Dropbox, using AndreaFabrizi's Dropbox Uploader script.


A python script to help you back up your SlideShare presentations to PDF.

El Niño. Photo Gallery at UN Diario

In September 2015, the people of Pacasmayo were bracing themselves for a the next possible El Niño phenomenon. At UN Diario, images of the last "big hit" were available in the archives and we thought it would be valuable to refresh people's minds of the devastating effects it can have when not prepared.

DIY Newspaper Scanner

In 2015, one year after the celebration of the 100 years of printed journalism in the province of Pacasmayo, we took on the challenge of digitizing the entire newspaper archive stored at UNDiario. This digitization would be achieved with a DIY scanner made of two hacked cameras, 2x4 wooden beams, and a basic script.


Stepping out of the comfort zone and trying out different grid systems.


A PX to EM calculator for the non-mathie CSS writer.