I Want to Believe

I decided to work on another poster this time inspired by The X Files, which I've been watching over the last few weeks. This is a recreation of Mulder's iconic poster which can be seen in his office.

Workspace Terminal

After working with Git for a couple years, the Terminal has become one of my primary tools when working in a project. Here you'll find some tweaks I made to it for a better experience. Keep in mind that these changes are very basic, if you're looking for more advanced tweaks, follow the links at the bottom.


Base12 is a framework that provides you with a basic SCSS folder structure for your projects. Its measurements are built around the number 12 for increased flexibility & math goodies.

Visiting Chicago

I visited Chicago recently and I cannot begin to express how infatuated I was with the city. It is one of the most beautiful and captivating places I have ever been to and would happily visit it again any day of the year.

CSS Baseline Grid Overlay

This is a baseline grid overlay created using some CSS gradients. it simulates a baseline grid based on ems which will allow you to size it according to your site's base font size.

HTML Typography Test

I created a quick HTML file to test the basic look, arrangement, and alignment of HTML elements, primarily typographic elements. I use it in almost every project to make sure that they work well with each other.